Do You Know About The New Google DISAVOW Tool

If you do any kind of SEO or backlinking and ranking sites in google then you need to read this post. I used to be big time into SEO but have slowly diversified and do not focus that much on SEO these days.

But I still like reading new articles on SEO and see what changes are happening, so after the panda and penguin update we have the DISAVOW tool.

So What is this Google DISAVOW Tool all about?

The DISAVOW is a tool that google has introduces and I will tell you more about it in a bit, but before that you might have noticed a lot of shuffle in the top 10 results in google over the last year or so and one of the factors for that is the devaluing of SPAM links by google.

Matt Cutts has clearly stated that google is become smarter and can identify spam links and links from bad neighborhoods and if you have many of those to your site then google will devalue these links, I guess this was a part of the penguin update,

So even if the various backlink tools show you that you have a ton of backlinks, google won’t count them, and this is probably one of the reasons you have seen a drop in your search engine ranking.

So google has introduced the new DISAVOW tool where you can inform google if you don’t want them to count links that you feel are spammy or from bad neighborhoods.

You can find the DISAVOW tool here. Make sure you are absolutely certain before you use this tool because it can hurt your rankings if you DISAVOW the wrong links.



SO firstly before you use this tool you need to make a list of all the backlinks that are spammy, these can include blog commenting links on irrelevant and spammy sites, blog farm and unnatural links, links from bad neighborhoods. paid links etc.

Matt Cutts clearly stated that you should first try and get in touch with the webmasters if possible and ask them to remove the links if they do not do so only then you should use the DISAVOW tool.

The List of domain you want to DISAVOW has to be in this format in a text file. If you want to remove links from a particular domain then you have to write it in this format

If you want to write a few notes and remove sub pages you need to write it like this

#Contacted webmaster to remove the backlinks point to my site on 12 Oct 2012
# Its been 2 weeks I have not got a response


# Webmaster from has removed most of the links but has missed the 2 0r 3 links.

Whenever a sentence starts with a # tag then google looks at that as comments you are making and ignore those lines.

If the sentence starts with the word domain then all the links from that domain will be removed and if you want to remove links from sub pages then your just put a link of that page.

Once you have this list ready you can save it on your desktop choose the file and upload it here

Google DISAVOW Tool

Google DISAVOW Tool

Once you submit these links it will take up to 2 to 3 weeks for it to be removed this does not happen immediately, also google clearly states that if they find no reason to DISAVOW the link they wont do it.

Who should use the Google DISAVOW Tool

If your site has been penalized during the penguin update which hit particular sites that must have purchased links or used spammy link building techniques.

Now if you can speak to the webmaster and get these links off then that is great, but if you cannot then use the DISAVOW tool and ask google not to count these spammy links and focus your efforts on build good relevant links and you will gradually see an increase in your search rankings.

For more information check out this video by Matt Cutts

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How To Legally Steal Traffic and Get Backlinks from Authority Blogs

I have been playing around with this for a while now and this technique and it works really well, I have to be honest this is not a new groundbreaking technique or something it’s been there for a while and you probably have even heard about it but I would like to show use how I use this technique to get backlinks and traffic.

The technique I am talking about is Blog Commenting, and I am sure you might be saying I already know this, but I urge you to read on, you will definitely find some new information.

With all the google updates I am sure you know how important it is to get backlinks from relevant sites in your niche and blog commenting is one such way to get these backlinks, but it’s not only about backlinks even though it is important when it comes to ranking in the Search Engines.

I focus on driving traffic to my blog as well through blog commenting and in order to do that you have to follow the following steps

Firstly to get traffic through blog comment you first need to comment on blogs that get a lot of traffic secondly and most important your comment has to be highly relevant to the post and must be the first or second comment  anything lower than that and you wont get enough traffic.

Follow the following steps and you to get Backlinks and Targeted Visitors from Authority Blogs

Step One: Gather a list of 10 blogs in the IM Niche, Now in the image below you see the sites have all the relevant details from alexa ranking to the number of rss subscribers, twitter followers, page rank etc. Here is the link to the site

Top 100 IM Blogs

Top 100 IM Blogs

What you need to look out while shortlisting the 10 blogs is low alexa ranking and if the sites have a decent amount of rss subscribers.

Lastly you have to visit each of the sites and see how often does the webmaster post content on the blog, it should be at least twice or thrice a week,

On the basis of these criteria you need to select 10 blogs.

Step TWO Sign up for a google reader account it’s pretty simple if you already have a gmail account you will see an option for a reader you can just click that.

If not you can go here and create a new account

Google Reader

Google Reader

Step Three You need to go to each of the site you have chosen and go to the Big Orange or Yellow RRS button and click that to subscribe to that blog (I will tell you more about this in a min)

On My site you can see the RSS Button on the extreme Right, it says Subscribe in a Reader

RRS Image

RRS Image


Once you click the subscribe button you will see this page on the right of the page you will get various option you need to look for the Google option and choose that and then select the Google reader.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed

Now that you have subscribed to these blogs through google reader every time any of the 10 blogs post an article on their blogs it will show up in google reader like this.

Google Reader

Google Reader

The advantage of having google reader is you don’t have to visit each blog individually to see if there is a new post, since you have subscribed to all the blogs, they will all show up in google reader as soon as they published.

Now all you need to do is go and read the blog post and make a relevant comment, 95% of the time you will be the first of second person to comment, using this strategy you will not only get a relevant backlink but also traffic from that blog.

Let me show you an eg of the traffic I got from Buzz Blogger and entrepreneurs-journey for making just one comment, its not much but they are highly targeted and as I go on commenting I will get more traffic.

Google analytics

Google Analytic’s

So got take action try this out, it works I use it everyday let me know what you think about this technique.

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10 Big Brands With the Most Social Engagement and 3 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important

Social Media brands

Social Media brands

These days, everybody has heard a lot about social media. This is especially true when talking about online marketers. They talk about how much more profitable their businesses are just because they began to use these platforms.

Some people have heard so much hype about it, or have tried and failed, that they have given up in disgust. However, social media will play a huge part in the growth of your business and you should not ignore it.

Here are 3 reasons social media is important to your business:

1. Social Media is easy to learn to use, which cannot be said about other forms of marketing your products or services online. You don’t have to learn a lot of technical stuff in order to use it. You just have to learn how to build relationships with people in your niche.

Its about connecting and being nice, liking other peoples good content wishing them for their birthdays, sharing good content. Its basically just being your self, there is no hard selling required.

Once people see that your are helpful person and share good quality information they will follow you, this might take some time to achieve but when it happens it can get out of control and you will gets tons of traffic, testimonials and your business will grow.

2. Social media helps connect you with the market you are targeting for your niche. While it may take days or even weeks to make a real connection with the people on your email list, social media will put your networking efforts on steroids. As you are connecting with your chosen market, you will be listening to the issues that concern them and becoming part of their circle of trusted advisors and friends.

Moreover you have a better medium you connect with your email list, ask them to send you a message or become friends on the various social media sites like facebook if they like, this will show them that you are a real person compared to getting an email from a person they don’t really know much about.

3. Using social media makes your business becomes more approachable and personal for your clients. Even though some types of online marketing can put distance between you and consumers, this is not true with social media. You are right there engaging your audience, getting to know them up close and personal. You find out what they care about, and understand them from what they are saying in their posts.

This can mean great things for your business when you use social media correctly. You are creating more visibility, and that means more opportunity to profit from your business. By carefully researching your market, you will get to see how they interact with each other, which will allow you to better understand how best to use social media to reach the goals you have set.

Social media marketing is not going away any time soon. This is evidenced in the way it has grown over the past decade. However, using it on an inconsistent basis will not do much for the person who would like to build a business.

Just as it takes consistency with other types of marketing endeavors to see good results, it takes consistency to make social media profitable. Because of the nature of networking, letting down on your communication efforts can spell disaster for any business.

Here are the Top 10 Brands that have the highest Social Media Engagement and its something for all small business to learn.

Top 10 Brands With Highest Social Media Engagement This Week [INFOGRAPHIC]

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5 Reasons Why you Must Integrate Social Media In You Business

Social Media Traffic

Social Media Traffic

We have all heard about social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but most of us view them as just a place to hang out with friends and family.

In recent years, many business owners have discovered the usefulness of these sites.They know that if they can harness the power of social media they can increase their bottom line.

Social media has become very useful for those building businesses. With this in mind, it is critical that business owners understand how to use this platform for the best results.

While just about anyone knows how to communicate with friends and family, it may be more difficult and a bit frightening when it comes to opening up lines of communication with strangers. There is really not that much difference between marketing to potential customers than it is with those you know, but some people find it intimidating.

5 Reasons Why you Must Integrate Social Media In You Business.

1. It doesn’t matter the type of business you are engaged in, there are plenty of people in the same business that are involved in social media. Through the use of this platform, it is possible to create a number of fans who will be in your marketing corner.

Fan clubs consist of people who have bought your product or service and love what you have to offer. These are the people you should focus your attention on as they can add much to advertising efforts.

2. Social media provides the opportunity for business owners to monitor conversations taking place surrounding their particular business. This allows them to react quickly to counteract any negative statements by addressing these issues in a positive way.

An example of this would be a business that creates another avenue for customers to place orders when some are having problems with this on the regular channels.

3. Many companies use the platform available with social media to listen more closely to what their customers are saying about them. It can be enlightening when you put your ears to the ground simply by using this platform.

Social traffic

Consumers know what they want and just by listening, some companies have even created new products around what consumers want. By interacting with clients, great strides in customer service can be achieved. People are not shy about their wants and needs; they will tell you what they are if you just listen.

4. It is important to advertise what your business has to offer and social media is a great place to do that. Getting your message out there and in front of lots of potential customers is the only way that a business is going to grow.

When you have a following on social networks, you can use this resource to help market your business too. When you create satisfied customers they are sure to give some assistance with word of mouth advertising.

5. Another benefit of using social media to help advertise your business is that you will be building referral sources. During the time you spend working with social media, you will find other business owners who are running businesses that are related to yours.

Opening up communication with them often leads to an even greater stream of business as you are referring customers to them and they are referring customers to you.

By including social media in your marketing plans, you will be able to monitor what is going on in your niche. You will also be able to keep up with conversations going on about your own business, and be able to step in to do damage control before something negative actually happens. Social media also offers you the opportunity to create a cheering section for your products from those customers who are pleased doing business with you.

People are always willing to tell you what they think, want and need, and that provides you with the opportunity to add new products to your line. You might even want to consider it as being another department of your business, the research and development department that you are not paying for.

Social media provides yet another avenue for advertising. While you are building relationships with the people you meet there, you will also be creating greater visibility for your brand. Those relationships will create even more customers for your business because people will be directed to your website.

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5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Blogging

How to Blog

How to Blog

So you want to start a blog because you understand that blogging is one of the best ways to market your business.

As a matter of fact, around 60% of businesses have a blog. The only thing is a large percentage of them have not updated them regularly.

With the potential for increasing sales, wouldn’t you think that they would do more? but there are various reasons why people lose interest in blogging.

That is why it important to ask yourself these five questions before you start blogging you need to be honest with yourself when you answer these question and once you get your answers you will be ready to blog

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Blogging

1. Why Should You Blog.

Understand why you are starting a blog, and what you wish to achieve. Are you blogging to help people, or are you blogging to review other peoples products or are you blogging to brand yourself, these are just some of the examples  When you truly understand why you are going to be blogging it is easier for you to stay focused on it.

2. Do You Have a Plan

Establish a good plan for how you will be blogging. Here are some of the basics in planning a blog.

Know who you will be targeting with your blog. You will never be able to please everyone with what you post, but that should not be the reason for getting started anyway.Focus on providing good valuable content to your blog readers, plan on creating engaging content that encourages conversations.

Create a plan to capture your blog visitors name and email address. Know what your nice keywords are so that you can build your blog around them so that you can reach your targeted audience.

3. What Are you Branding.

Create your blog around the brand you want to present to the world. That means you should be using graphics and content as well as a tone that is consistent with what you are branding. Your themes should also spread throughout all that you do including how you use social media.

For personal branding try and have your name in the domain name, also make sure you have your picture all over the blog, and tell people about yourself. You can do the same thing if you are branding a specific product or service as well.

create a blog

create a blog

4. What Blogging Platform Will You use.

Determine which platform you want to use for blogging. There are a lot of free ones available so check them out before going with your favorite.

WordPress and Blogger offer free accounts so that you don’t have to pay to get started, and each one has features of its own.

You will hear good things about each of these platforms, but deciding which to use is all a matter of what you want to do with your blog.

If you are a real beginner who only wants a personal blog, Blogger works well for that. However, if you would like something a bit more solid to use for business purposes it might suits you better to start with WordPress.

5.Will You Blog Regularly

Blogging takes practice, and that can only take place when you roll up your sleeves and just get started. One of the first things you should do after setting your blog up is to get it connected to every one of your social media accounts to encourage sharing.

Create a plan of how you are going to blog everyday, make a list of 30 topics and start looking for information on those topics on the internet on in your local library, remember you focus should be good quality content. This content you create on your blog will define your voice.

Now, don’t think you are finished once you have everything in place. Since you are stepping into the arena of blogging it is important you to begin commenting on other authority blogs in your niche.

Those blogs should share a common denominator with yours. In other words, it should also target the same audience you are. Any comments you leave should be filled with insightful information so that readers will find value in it and want to read more of what you have to say. This will lead them to your blog especially when you leave your link when that is appropriate.

If you start feeling overwhelmed, just visit blogs belonging to other business owners. You can learn a lot from what others are doing, and lets face it; imitation is the sincerest form of strategy. There is no need to do everything others are doing, just keep it simple until you are comfortable with your blog.

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