How To Create A Blog in Five Minutes Part 2

create a blog in 5 minutes

create a blog in 5 minutes

Here is part two of the video on how to create a blog in 5 minutes in this video I cover how you can upload the free wordpress theme, the same one I have on my blog, I cover some of the setting I have for this theme as well.

I also show you how you can get a header done for just $5 and some of the plugins I use, so apart from the $5 for the header you can get almost everything set up free in matter of minutes.

I have also included the links to the sites where you can get the free wordpress theme and the plugins

If you have any question or need any more information please comment below or send me an email.


1. WordPress Theme – Click Here

2. Fiverr – Click Here

3. All in one SEO Plugin – Click Here

4. Get Social – Click Here

5. Insights – Click Here

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Herman Dias
Skype: hermandias


4 thoughts on “How To Create A Blog in Five Minutes Part 2

  1. Joe

    Good stuff on here Herman.

    What’s you’re recommendation you would use to combat spam posts. Heard about Akismet, but it costs money and trying to keep costs down.

    1. Admin Post author

      Thank you Joe, I was lucky to get akismet key when it was free unfortunately they have removed that option now, you are right they charge now which can be expensive if you are on a budget.

      I have an option its a comment spam plugin but I have to be honest I have not used it, but have read some good reviews about it if you like you can check it out here.

      Let me know how it is if you happen to try it



  2. Joe

    I was about to sign up, but read the terms and got to number 2. about automatic updates. See below. I have a number of blogs and I can see myself paying quite handsomly in the future with this one. So think I’ll pass the being a guinnee pig for this plugin.

    Thanks anyway for your help. The search goes on.

    2. Automatic Upgrades

    Automatic Upgrades are available to customers who have purchased a support license in accordance with the license they have purchased. A Personal site license provides automatic upgrades for a single site, A Business license provides automatic upgrades for up to 3 sites and a Developer license provides automatic upgrades for unlimited sites for you or your clients. You may not resell access to your support license key.

    Upgrades are provided for a term of 1 year from the time of purchase. After 1 year a new license will need to be purchased in order to continue receiving support and product upgrades.

    1. Admin Post author

      Joe I am sorry that plugin did not work, I have found another plugin it a captcha plugin, I just installed it and you can see on my blog the person has to enter a captcha before the post the comment.

      This is a free plugin, I will not be using it as I have Akismet and I will remove it in a couple of days. I hope this plugin will help reduce the spam comments on your blog.

      Here is the link to the plugin




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